12 Easy Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Holidays are the time of year we gather with our family and friends. Yet, it’s also notorious for rich, calorie-laden foods. For many, the holidays mean unintended gains and falling off track with fitness goals. What if there were small, manageable ways to stay on track and still indulge? 

To Indulge or not to Indulge

Some believe a successful weight loss or fitness plan means depriving yourself. Yet, it need not be that way. When you plan ahead and follow a few simple tips, you can protect all your hard work. Here are twelve easy ways to stay fit during the holidays.

Get Your Zzz

We all stay up too late at one point or another and reach for the biggest cup of Joe we can find the next morning. The temptations, following a string of bad decisions awaits us. We’re too tired to hit the gym or cook at home. Ordering takeout is easier. Before you know it, the pounds pile on. Adequate sleep helps you overcome these hurdles and minimizes stress.

Manage Your Stress

Finding little ways to limit your stress this holiday season can make for a healthier, fitter you. Yes, exercise has can reduce stress, so make sure you schedule some ‘you’ time. But, if the hustle and bustle gets to you, all is not lost. Even short bursts of activity in the airport, hotel, or mom’s house can improve your mood.

Don’t Go It Alone

Whether your goal is weight loss or fitness, tackle it with a buddy. Having someone to walk the walk and talk the talk with you can encourage you. Accountability matters.

Indulge for One Day, not the Whole Season

It’s okay if you want to sample grandma’s special sweet cherry pie for dessert.  But, if offered to take the rest home, weigh the pros and cons before you agree.

Keep Your Goals in Check

You are your own best defense in the end. Only you can reach your own health and fitness goals. No one else can do it for you.

Knowing yourself and your habits are half the battle. There’s no need to start fresh. You worked hard to get where you are today and you deserve to reach the finish line. It’s okay to indulge if you don’t overdo it. These simple tips can help you get there.