Plasma Pen Fractional & Permeating Tips

Plasma Pen Fractional & Permeating Tips

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Purchased in a set, comes with both tips. 

A conductor gel and moisturizer in one! Does not need to be removed after treatment




Plasma Pen stainless steel Permeating & Fractional tips are unique to our device.

These tips work together to help absorb cosmetics deep into the skin. Allowing you to offer another NEW treatment to your customers.

Recommended Treatment Price:  approx. $200-$350 

  • Varies depending on service location/ clientele 

Price Guide

  • Price similar  to a Microcurrent Facial
  • Upcharge if utilizing Factor Five Serum 
  • Perform an LED treatment post for increase skin benefits/ upcharge.



  • First use the multipoint part of the Fractional tip to open the skins pores.
  • Then use the Permeating tip to help absorb cosmetics deep into the skin.
  • Finally use the Fractional tip to promote the absorption of any cosmetic residue.
  • Best results seen  in series of 3 Treatments

Tips are always inserted in a clockwise fashion at the top of the device.

  • They should not be over-tightened.
  • (Both the Fractional Tip & Permeating Tip are included with your purchase)


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