Advanced Plasma Training

Advanced Plasma Training

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Learn more complex and challenging techniques to expand your revenue opportunities.

Prerequisite: Must be a Certified Prestige Technician under our Training Program in order to qualify for this training.

What to Bring: Be sure to bring your Plasma Concepts’ Plasma Pen so that you may participate in hands-on portion of the training.

Contact Us at  for dates and locations.

Note: All payments and registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Important Notice:

Attendees should be prepared to provide their OWN model to arrive at 1:00 to complete paperwork, numb and be ready to work on at 1:30pm.

Be sure to bring a model that wants work on a technique that you have a particular interest in (the treatment skill you are most looking to develop further). Attendees must pre-qualify their own models to ensure they are a proper candidate.

Anyone who has trouble finding a model should notify us 2 weeks in advance. Although we cannot guarantee models, we will do our best to help arrange one for you.

Models are not allowed to be present during lecture or hands on area except for during their treatment session.

Please advise your model to be prepared to take a lunch break off site. Lunch is provided for paying course attendees.