Registration Agreement

Policy and Terms Agreement 

1. Only those who have been formally certified by Plasma Concepts are approved to operate this device. 

2. Practices are not permitted to train other licensed staff in their business or other outside parties, but rather must send them to an approved training in order to operate the device. Training materials and curriculum are under strict copyright and may not be shared with any other parties with the exception of the consent forms and marketing documents provided by Plasma Concepts specifically for provider’s use. 

3. Providers agree to require all clients receiving treatment to properly complete the consultation/consent forms prior to treatment and review forms as well as contraindications. 

4. Providers agree to take before and immediately after photos to document their cases. 

5. Providers must follow only approved protocols and product use during treatment and with post/home care protocol. 

6. Providers agree to adhere to Minimum Manufacturer Suggested Pricing (or higher) for advertised pricing. Refer to the suggested pricing guide (Note: there is no treatment area priced lower than $350.) Any provider found to be selling below minimum price will have their certification and purchasing privileges revoked. The exception would be models used in class, or introductory offers which should clearly say INTRO OFFER. Plasma Concepts prohibits the use of Groupon to advertise this treatment. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: AUTHORIZED BY DATE OF AUTHORIZATION 

7. Plasma Concepts reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a training for circumstances beyond our control. In the event of cancellation, attendees will be contacted via email and tel# provided on order form. Attendees’ registration will be transferred to a new date based on their schedule and availability. 

8. Deposits and payments are non-refundable. 

9. Upon completion of course, attendees will be given access to a confidential and private online marketing portal. Materials used in class including power point presentations, manuals, handouts, protocols, marketing documents etc. are the property of Plasma Concepts and must be held in strict confidence. They cannot be shared with any outside parties or used outside approved Plasma Concepts trainings. 

10. You will be invited to join a Private Facebook Group forum with other Plasma Concepts Prestige Technicians to receive support and guidance, share questions, ideas, thoughts, progress and before & after pictures in a positive, uplifting and supportive community setting. 

11. Upon completion of training you will be required to complete a clinical evaluation. This is mandatory in order to receive certification. Insurance It is the Provider’s responsibility to gain relevant insurance once you have completed this training. Attendees must never treat anyone without being insured. Although this is your own liability, we reserve the right to withdraw Plasma Concepts Certification and/or the sale of probes from any technician found to be willfully ignoring their professional training by performing uninsured treatments. Class Materials & Structure Any and all Training Kits provided in class will be used during your training program. Attendees must not bring your own BLT or any other products to class as only products approved by Plasma Concepts are permitted for use during training due to liability reasons. Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy Due to the high demand for Training Program seats, a strict cancellation/ rescheduling policy is enforced. The paid amount of the training course is non-refundable, non-transferrable, no exceptions, including from the result of revocation of certificate(s) or no-shows. In the event that Student fails to make any payments as contemplated herein, Student shall be deemed in default, and the Company shall have the right to retain Student’s deposit and all monies paid, and the Company shall have the right to collect the full amount of the Total Balance Due. All course requirements must be met and balance of class(es) must be paid in full prior to receiving any Certificate(s) of Completion and/or Plasma devices. Payment Authorization Student authorizes the Company to charge the billing information provided until the Total Balance Due has been paid in full. Student accepts responsibility for this payment and understand the cancellation/rescheduling policy and no refund policy listed above. Due to the nonrefundable cancellation/ rescheduling policy, Student waives right to credit card chargebacks for this transaction, and will be liable for any resulting legal and administrative fees. Governmental Approvals Students who take training courses are not allowed to teach these techniques  without expressed written consent from the Company.