“This device in the proper hands with proper training can yield great results on specific areas of the face.”
– Yael Halaas, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon.

“The Planoplas Plasma Concepts device is by far the most advanced plasma pen device that I have had the pleasure to use on my patients. The training from their company as well as Markus Mueller is unmeasurable. The attention to detail with training, ordering and tips and pearls when obtaining the device has been an amazing experience. The results are also unmeasurable compared to other pens.”
– Raechel Lowe, LE, CME, CLSO

The Revelation Plasma Pen by Plasma Concepts has been remarkably easy to incorporate into my plastic surgery and skin care practice.  It is a novel technique to improve skin rhytids, tissue texture, and health through a natural healing process.  The procedure is predictable with consistently good outcomes and high patient satisfaction.  It combines well with other modalities such as RF micro-needling, pro-fractional laser, and the new WiQo chemical skin treatment.  Looking forward to obtaining even more exceptional results combining the Revelation Plasma Pen with the regenerative capabilities of PRP and Stem Cells.

Hans R Kuisle, M.D.

Boulder Plastic Surgery

Testimonial - Plasma Concepts
Testimonial - Plasma Concepts (1) copy

Thank you all for the opportunity to participate as a model for the Plasma Pen treatment this past Monday. It is always great to you and come to your center. As an esthetician who no longer works in the field, it is always so great to stay familiar and up-to-date with all the latest treatments and equipment. Please give my best regards to Amy and Lisa, who are so polite and professional.


Jayne O’Leary

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