Why Is PlasmaMD A Superior Plasma Pen?Woburn, MA

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There are several important reasons why PlasmaMD is the premier plasma pen:

Superior technology.

In case you are new to Plasma Concepts, we are the company that brought plasma pen technology to the U.S. market. We are confident that PlasmaMD is the most advanced plasma technology available today.

Our company works diligently to find the most legitimate, state-of-the-art technologies. Backed by research and proven results, our aesthetic technologies have solid safety records and technical support systems in place. We’ve done the research, and PlasmaMD is superior to its competitors for its ease of use, controllability, precision and accuracy.

  • PlasmaMD is manufactured and engineered in Germany, a leader in aesthetic innovation.
  • PlasmaMD provides a two- or five-year warranty on its device — unlike any other pen in the industry.
  • PlasmaMD’s unique plasma arc precision reduces unwanted and unnecessary damage to the skin surrounding the treatment area, reducing downtime and risk.
  • PlasmaMD is the only pen to offer a 14-day supply of high-performing post-care products (which the patient uses at home) to maximize results and minimize adverse reactions.
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Education and training.

Plasma Concepts is renowned for providing lifetime professional support and clinical training programs. Once you become a provider of PlasmaMD, you have unlimited access to our advanced training demos, videos and other support from our staff.

Our clinical training programs are delivered in a private or group setting by clinical practitioners who are experts in the delivery of pre-treatment consultations, aftercare, one-on-one support and best practices for plasma.

In fact, PlasmaMD is at the top of its class, in the U.S. particularly, for their second-to-none training programs for the technicians operating the device. A full day of intensive didactic and live hands-on practice is performed by each technician under the supervision of an advanced clinical trainer with 10+ years’ experience performing advanced aesthetics treatments and educating professionals in the industry.

Ongoing professional support.

When you buy PlasmaMD, you become a part of the Plasma Concepts family. This means our support continues as your practice grows. As you know, results are everything. Our job at Plasma Concepts is ensuring that every provider of PlasmaMD is trained to provide the highest level of treatments for optimal outcomes. Plasma Concepts is passionate about your education and level of skill, and we will work closely with you to ensure you have the best skills in the industry so you can provide the highest level of results for your patients.

Our staff is here to support you every step of the way, troubleshooting your questions and offering advanced training courses to keep you at the top of your game. There’s no other company in the aesthetics industry that comes close to providing the level of support that Plasma Concepts delivers every day. We truly love what we do and we are committed to helping you be the best aesthetics providers in the industry.

Are you ready to grow with us? We can’t wait to help you discover the most exciting aesthetics technologies in the industry! To learn more about PlasmaMD, please reach out to us via email at Support@PlasmaConcepts.com or phone at (800) 274-5684 any time and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Guided by core values of honesty, integrity and customer service, Plasma Concepts is committed to providing education and ongoing support for all their customers. To support their mission, Plasma Concepts is continually focused on finding the best people in sales, marketing, training and customer service. To learn more about Plasma Concepts or our products, including PlasmaMD or Plasma+, please reach out to us any time at +1 (800) 274-5684 or complete our Contact Form today!