WiQo Purchase Agreement

As a Provider, I agree to the following terms:

1. Only those who have been formally certified by Love Beauty Pro are approved to perform PRX-T33 treatments.

2. Approved for use by Providers who are under medical supervision of physician.

3. Practices/Providers are not permitted to train other licensed staff in their business or other outside parties, but rather must send them to an approved training in order to perform PRX-T33 treatments. Training materials and curriculum are under strict copyright and may not be shared with any other parties with the exception of the consent forms and marketing documents provided specifically for provider’s use.

4. Require all clients receiving treatment to properly complete the consultation/consent forms prior to treatment and review forms as well as contraindications.

5. Follow only approved protocols and product use during treatment and with post/home care protocol.

6. Adhere to Minimum Manufacturer Suggested Pricing (or higher) for advertised pricing. (Note: A single treatment cannot be priced lower than $250.) Any provider found to be selling below minimum price will have their certification and purchasing privileges revoked. The exception would be introductory offers which should clearly say INTRO OFFER.

7. Use of Groupon to advertise this treatment is prohibited.

8.Upon completion of training you will be prompted to complete an online quiz. For practices who purchase on-site hands on training, Certificates of Attendance will be issued after the completion of a Clinical Evaluation.

9. Deposits and payments are non-refundable.

10. Payment Authorization Customer authorizes the Company to charge the billing information provided. Customer accepts responsibility for this payment and understand the no-refund policy listed above. Due to the non-refundable policy, customer waives right to credit card chargebacks for this transaction, and will be liable for any resulting legal and administrative fees.

11. IMPORTANT: PRX-T33 Perfect Intense Liquid – This product must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival, and must be kept in the refrigerator between uses. Product left out for 72 hours without refrigeration is no longer acceptable for use. Product will be shipped so that it arrives to your business within 2 business days. It is the customer’s responsibility to accept delivery promptly and store product properly immediately upon delivery to your business. Love Beauty Pro will not be responsible for proper storing of product after it leaves our facility.