Grow Your Practice with PlasmaMD!

In case you are new to Plasma Concepts, we are the company that brought plasma pen technology to the U.S. market with PlasmaMD.

PlasmaMD is a handheld, pen-like technology that uses precise plasma energy to target fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity on the face and body. This treatment is also called fibroblast therapy, or “fibroblasting,” because it stimulates the fibroblast cells that produce this new collagen and elastin.

Most importantly, Plasma Concepts works diligently to find the most legitimate, state-of-the-art technologies. Backed by research and proven benefits, our aesthetic technologies have solid safety records and technical support systems in place, and PlasmaMD is no exception! We are confident that PlasmaMD is the most advanced plasma technology available today. We’ve done the research, and PlasmaMD is superior for its ease of use, controllability, precision and accuracy.

Here’s more on why PlasmaMD is a cut above the rest:

  • PlasmaMD is manufactured and engineered in Germany, a leader in aesthetic innovation.
  • PlasmaMD provides a two- or five-year warranty on its product — unlike any other pen in the industry.
  • PlasmaMD’s unique plasma ARC precision technology delivers energy to the target area, leaving surrounding skin unaffected, reducing downtime and risk.
  • PlasmaMD is the only pen to offer a 14-day supply of high-performing post-care products (which the patient uses at home) to maximize benefits and minimize adverse reactions.
  • Training is included with purchase!
  • Plasma Concepts is renowned for providing lifetime professional support and clinical training programs. Once you become a provider of PlasmaMD, you have unlimited access to our advanced training demos, videos and other support from our staff.

PlasmaMD is one of the smartest investments you’ll make.

Today’s consumers want to enjoy dramatic, age-defying improvements — without surgery or extensive downtime. Is your practice ready to meet this demand?

  1. PlasmaMD is the most reliable and effective plasma pen in the industry.
  2. Strong ROI: Pay off your purchase in just seven sessions!
  3. With PlasmaMD, you’ll receive unlimited training and ongoing professional support.

• Training included with purchase

• Training provided at your practice

• Five-year warranty available

Ready to learn more about PlasmaMD? Be contacted by a PlasmaMD sales rep in your area! Call +1 (800) 274-5684 today.

Guided by core values of honesty, integrity and customer service, Plasma Concepts is committed to providing education and ongoing support for all their customers. To support their mission, Plasma Concepts is continually focused on finding the best people in sales, marketing, training and customer service. To learn more about Plasma Concepts or our products, including PlasmaMD or Plasma+, please reach out to us any time at +1 (800) 274-5684!