Tips for Getting Your Clients Holiday-Ready with PlasmaMD™ Woburn, MA

Now that word is getting out on the amazing results you can achieve for your clients with PlasmaMD™, demand for this state-of-the-art advanced technology is continuing to grow exponentially. To keep your practice ahead of the curve and able to deliver exceptional care this holiday season and beyond, we’ve put together some expert tips for getting the highest level of benefits out of your PlasmaMD pen.

Overestimate social downtime.

Many patients are thrilled to see dramatic improvements just one week after undergoing the PlasmaMD plasma pen. Also amazing is the fact that many patients can achieve their aesthetic goal after just one PlasmaMD session! These benefits are undeniable. However, optimal/full results with PlasmaMD can take up to 12 weeks to be seen. Some patients may not see results until week five or seven. In other words, how people respond depends on a wide range of factors that can’t be predicted. To ensure your patients are satisfied, be sure to establish realistic expectations about downtime and results. Mention that there is a possibility that they may not see their best results until 12 weeks after their session. With full disclosure and avoiding over-promises, you’ll be setting your clients up for a wonderful surprise when they see their results sooner!

Keep your shelves stocked!

When it comes to delivering next-level results for your clients, there’s no such thing as having too many post-care products on your shelves. Factor Five Post Care Serum is one of our all-time favorites for applying after PlasmaMD. This densely packed serum is free from parabens and harsh ingredients but is chock-full of stem cell-derived human growth factors, copper peptides, green tea extract and other restorative ingredients that are ideal for calming inflammation and boosting results. Also essential following any skin rejuvenation procedure is sun protection! Be sure to send your clients home with Love Beauty SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen 4oz (non-tinted).

Know who your patients are.

While PlasmaMD has the potential to successfully treat every skin type, it’s important to screen patients during their personal consultations for contraindications including autoimmune diseases. Skin typing is also vital. While PlasmaMD’s “spraying” mode is safe for all six Fitzpatrick skin types, PlasmaMD’s “dots” mode is only safe for skin types one through three. Most important of all, be sure to pre-treat skin types four through six with a tyrosinase inhibitor before administering PlasmaMD spraying treatments. We created Love Beauty Skin – Lighten Pigment Cream 3.9% for this very purpose! 

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